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Prize Giveaway & Raffles



We are giving away special prizes throughout the day during the show. We will have both door prize raffle drawings for those at the show. Prizes will be given out for Cosplay, Photo Scavenger Hunt, and Card Battle game just to name a few.


Door Prize Raffle:
Orlando Anime Day will also give out multiple door prizes throughout the convention day. This will be a raffle style drawing for show attendees only. Each person that comes to our show will be given a raffle ticket with a unique number. At different times during the show our staff will draw out a ticket and announce the winning number. Just check your ticket and see if the numbers match. If they do then you are the winner. Prizes are donated from our dealers and other supporters of Orlando Anime Day. So just by coming to our show you may get to walk away with a cool FREE gift.


Photo Scavenger Hunt: 12pm
Take part in our photo scavenger hunt during the con, all you need is a digital camera and an eye for adventure. At the show we will give out a list of "treasure" that needs to be found. It is your job to use your camera/cell phone and collect pictures of all the different items listed. Once you have all the pictures bring them back to show the judges. The first group/person that finds all the items gets the main prize. All other groups that finish within 30 minutes will get a consolation prize. Full rules and details will be given out at the show along with the photo scavenger hunt list.

-Scavenger list shown at 12pm in Event Room
-Use your own digital camera or cell phone.
-Picture must be unique for each item on the list.
-You or group member must be present in each picture.
-Use only 1 device to collect pictures if in a group.
-No pictures of pictures, like on a phone/laptop.
-Judge has final say on qualifying pictures.
-Can only win main prize once.
-finish within 30 minutes to get a small prize.


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